Be seen.  Be heard.  be recognized.

Join us for an exclusive virtual scouting event,  where we will break down what it means to be in KNOW Elite and how you can claim your nomination to be featured in our highly desired KNOW Book.    

We believe you deserve to be known 

Join the KNOW WOMEN FOUNDER, SARAH BENKEN to learn about the next steps to claiming your nomination   


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 the know women elite is an invitation-only community for successful 

female entrepreneurs and business leaders

Gain visibility as a know woman elite:

● Speak on stage at our events + summit   

● Be published as a thought leader  

● Be heard on our Voices of KNOW podcast  

● Teach masterclasses & Let's Have Coffee sessions

● Get featured in the KNOW Book + directory

● Join a KNOW Women Council  

  curious about the know women? 

            The KNOW Women exists to help female leaders, creators and entrepreneurs to be known because, when successful women are lifted up for their hard work and achievements, they inspire others to rise.    


we are searching for the best and brightest 

and we believe that you deserve to be known, celebrated, and placed into an elite community where you’ll be able to go further faster  because you’ll be with the women that are on your level or higher 




Who is Sarah Benken?

Founder + CEO of the KNOW Women

Ever felt like you’re in the wrong rooms, stretched thin, and alone on your entrepreneurial journey? 

Sarah has, too.  As an accomplished CEO of 12 years, Sarah has built and scaled her own brands internationally. She knows first hand what it is like to want to connect with ‘her people’ and to have trouble finding them.  

She is on a mission to provide space for dynamic female leaders to gather, collaborate, and be celebrated for their successes and hard work.  

Learn more about Sarah at  

          Find out what it means to be a KNOW Women, how you can apply to be featured, published, and celebrated for all that you have done in your industry and community    

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